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For foreign nationals
searching for work

We provide the following support to international workers who want to work in Tokyo. Please feel free to use these services including events where you can contact companies in Tokyo that are looking to hire international workers, the consultation desk for job hunting, and seminars.


  • 2023/10/4(wed) 13:30-16:30

    Job-Hunting Seminars

    Job Hunting Seminar: How to Prepare for an Interview (in Japanese & English) (October 4)

  • 2023/9/27(wed) 13:30-16:30

    Job-Hunting Seminars

    Job Hunting Seminar: An effective way to select a company and to write a reason for applying in getting a job offer / Networking with More Experienced Workers (in Japanese) (September 27)

  • 2023/9/20(wed) 13:30-16:30


    Job Hunting Seminar: Understanding Job Hunting in Japan (in Japanese, English & Chinese) (September 20)


  • Consultation desk

    A Global Career Navigator is on site to answer various questions related to job hunting in Tokyo such as ways to find jobs, how to write resumes, interview preparation, and career path planning.

  • Job-hunting seminars & exchange meetings

    Seminars are held where you can learn about the job hunting schedule in Japan, and points to keep in mind when job hunting, writing resumes and having interviews. At exchange meetings, you can listen to tips related to job hunting experiences from people already working in Tokyo.

  • Job fairs

    These are events where companies in Tokyo that are willing to hire international workers gather. You can collect information on each company and ask questions directly to recruiters.

  • Internships

    An internship is where you can work at a company in Tokyo on a trial basis. After listening to your preferences such as the industry you want to work in, we introduce companies that fit your needs. Our staff will provide necessary support for you during the internship.

  • Business Japanese and business etiquette course

    These courses allow you to learn business terms and business customs that you will need to know after joining a company.

  • How to hunt for a job

    We provide tips and useful information on job hunting in Japan.

  • Space for job seekers

    This space can be used for job hunting activities such as creating resumes and searching for jobs. You can also have someone check your resume, have practice interviews, and receive career counseling from center staff.
    [Equipment] Free Wi-Fi and power outlets
    [Reminder] We do not provide job offers. Please bring your PC.

    How to use

    1. Registering to use
      Complete the registration before using.
    2. Confirming availability
      From the calendar below, you can confirm available dates and times for the spaces on the Second Floor.
      * Spaces on the Second Floor cannot be used by job seekers when an event being held.
    3. Go to the Navigation Center
      Inform the reception desk on the First Floor that you would like to use the space for job seekers.
    4. Using the space for job seekers
      Freely use the space for job seekers to create resumes and collect information through the Internet. If you would like someone to check your resume, ask the Global Navigator on the First Floor.


    • – Do not drink or eat in the space for job seekers. (Fluids for hydration are OK.)
    • – Do not use this space for work other than job hunting.

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