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Center Terms of Service

Points to keep in mind for consultations

  • – Consultation is free.
  • – Priority is given to those who have made a reservation for a consultation.
  • – Consultations are intended for the following people.
  •  ① Persons in charge of hiring international workers such as managers or recruitment managers, as well as supervisors and colleagues who work with foreign nationals
  •  ② International workers who are interested in working in Tokyo or have a desire to work in Tokyo, etc., and want to have a consultation about employment in Tokyo
  • – Advice given in consultations, etc. is intended for individual cases. Therefore, do publish the information you receive from the consultation (contents of individual exchanges).
  • – Do not make a recording of the consultation.
  • – We do not provide direct loans or mediate for subsidies by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  • – We do not negotiate or handle procedures on behalf of consulting companies or international workers.
  • – Trade secrets of consulting companies are managed according to the “Unfair Competition Prevention Act.”
  • – Advice given in consultations is intended to help companies and consultants make decisions. Final decisions and actions are the responsibility of the individual.
  • – We do not handle introductions for job seekers or act as intermediaries to specific private businesses (job introductions).
  • – (For problems related to labor-management, please contact the Employment Consultation Center.)
  • – Consultations may be terminated in the following cases.
    (1) If you do not agree with the advice or requests of the center
    (2) If you raise your voice during the consultation or continue to use abusive language and the consultation can no longer continue
    (3) When you do not consent to the personal information protection policy
  • – Consultations are intended as advice to help you make decisions. Final decisions and actions are the responsibility of the individual.
  • – Events hosted by this center may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances (natural disasters, spread of diseases, etc.).
  • – This center operates in compliance with a privacy policy established separately.