Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Center

One-stop support for recruiting, retention, and the active participation of international workers Resolve issues related to recruiting and retaining international workers! Comprehensive support to help you “work in Tokyo!” This publication provides an overview of know-how from recruitment to retention of international workers!

In addition to visiting our office, you can also contact us by phone, e-mail, or online.
If your company is considering recruiting, accepting, retaining, or training international workers,
or if you have questions about job hunting in Tokyo, feel free to contact us by going to
[Inquiries]or[call our hotline on +81-(0)50-5576-7317].

Tokyo Employment Service Desk for Evacuees from Ukraine
We also provide advice to those such as Ukrainian evacuees who wish to work in Japan and companies who are considering hiring Ukrainian evacuees.

The Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Center supports the success of international workers in connection with small and medium‐sized enterprises!


For companies

We provide the following support for small and medium-sized enterprises that have concerns about recruiting and retaining international workers. We provide information such as opportunities for meeting international workers who are job hunting, as well as know-how regarding recruitment and retention. Please feel free to use these services.

For foreign nationals
searching for work

We provide the following support to international workers who want to work in Tokyo. Please feel free to use these services including events where you can contact companies in Tokyo that are looking to hire international workers, the consultation desk for job hunting, and seminars.